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A place for organized dialogue, game nights, and speaking engagements

Tyrone Parker
Author/Game Inventor

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I would love to tell you that I work in a field that specializes in the human experience but the truth is I'm an IT guy who grew up on the west side of Chicago. My experience has been that people are hurting and often feel alone in their pain. Fifteen years ago I started having organized dialogue with friends and co-workers. Today I host an array of adult game nights and organized dialogue events to continue creating a space for people to be heard. 


I've always been a conversationalist. As I spoke with men about blended families, women about broken relationships, and my own daughter about her suicide attempt I begin to realize, people need a space to be vulnerable. 


As an Author/Game Inventor, I engage with you on a personal level, enlighten you to the power of raw, unfiltered topics, and entertain you to create happiness in the moments.