Life Coach 

Family at a Beach

My job is to bring your thoughts, ideas, and roadblocks to a decision point. Together you and I will brainstorm and role-play on what you want your future to look like. We will go from frustration to application. We will meet for three 60 minute sessions via video conference. You and I will touch base weekly to ensure we're progressing towards our agreed upon goals.



Relationship Coach

Holding Hands

Are you in a relationship or looking to get in a relationship? Together we can discuss any fears, concerns or expectations you might have. We will map out  a strategy that makes sense and is reasonable for your future Relationship. This package includes three 60 minute video conferences.


Just One Session

Bussinessman in Modern Office

Are you at an impasse and feel like you're missing that one thing to move you forward? Sometimes we need someone on the outside to help bring clarity and move us forward. Together we will overcome any indecisiveness and make sound, realistic decisions for an outcome that you're comfortable with.