Frequently asked questions

Can I host an event at my house?

Yes, we have the ability to meet you in any environment

Why aren't the events Free, like they used to be?

When Tyrone first started 15 years ago, he was just wanting to brings friends together and discuss sensitive topics without it leading to arguments. Little, did he know that it would grow into a phenomenon that would lead to party, after party, after party. This is now Tyrone's work. He not only does research for his books, but he designs, creates, and organizes that game. You're getting more than a board game, and a conversation. You are getting researched, informative, dialogue. Games that create laughter and memories, as well as a highly trained facilitator. Great question by the way.

Do you travel?

Yes, we travel. Please submit travel requests through our contact form.

Can I charge cover and then pay you that way?

We welcome the charge of cover, however each event requires a deposit and then final payment 48 hours before event.