Adult Game Night

 What if you could have healthy competition, laughter, and connect with people at the same time? Through personalized games created by A.C.T. we bring you entertainment in a stylish adult way that captures everyday life experiences. Are you ready, it's your turn to host. 

Several Open Books


Have you been searching for a way to talk to your teen about suicide? Not sure why you can't find happiness? Recently got married and blended your families? All of these topics are challenging and our books are here to help guide you. It's more than a workbook, grab a pencil and let's get started.  


Organized Dialogue

What is an organized dialogue party?  It's conversation around relevant, sensitive topics, that is facilitated by A.C.T.What a great way to network your latest business venture and team build in the work place. Have you been wanting to have more meaningful discussion? Well, Let's talk. 

Audience and Lecturer

Speaking Engagement

Specializing in authentic topics about the human experience A.C.T. does more than speak. We highlight certain topics and give voice to our audience. Information is research based, genuine, and relatable. We're ready to speak and engage, book us today!