About A.C.T.

What is our Mission?

To promote learning and understanding of one’s self and the life around them. We show individuals how to boost self-awareness and personal enjoyment on all levels, and build healthy connections amongst family, friends and neighbors. Our experienced and diverse staff will ensure that every client walks away with tangible solutions that will impact their life (in a good way), immediately. 


What is our Vision?

To lead the way in improving dialogue, communication, and connection amongst people. We create meaningful opportunities for our clients and build partnerships that promote trust and confidence through our expert support, guidance and leadership.



What are our Services? 

We have assembled services for everyday people looking for creative and engaging ways to better their life, their brand, their image. People want fun and excitement in their everyday life at the same time they want tangible solutions to their everyday problems and situations. At A.C.T. we offer a variety of services that provide knowledge, understanding, and awareness. 


Meet Our Team

Tyrone Parker

Founder & CEO

If I only succeed at helping one person hurt less and feel more connected, then I have accomplished my purpose. 

Carmen Parker

COO and Relations Specialist

After 15 years of working in the court system, I found my attention to detail better suited to help people by enhancing the quality of communication that people have on a day to day basis.